Designed to fit the stem of the New-stye or Original Frisbee Deposit Gauge, or the Bergerhoff Gauge




  • PVC Cylinder with locking screws

  • Weight approximately 1.6kg

  • Overall length 198mm

  • 2.5 mm Allen Key


  • Can be fitted to Frisbee Gauge or Bergerhoff Gauge stems, or can be supplied with a suitable tripod for use as a stand-alone

  • Features an indexing mark for alignment of the sticky pad

  • Working dimensions 100mm dia x 148mm high, to suit sticky pads 317mm x 148mm


  • Align the Adaptor so that the scribed line is facing North and lock in position using the Allen Key provided.

  • Peel the backing paper from the sticky pad and retain for future use.

  • Fix the sticky pad as shown in the photograph, sticky side outwards, using insulating tape or similar and mark the pad with suitable identification.

  • After exposure, remove the sticky pad from the Adaptor and cover with the retained backing paper, using the correct side of the paper. The four clean patches underneath the insulating tape can usually be used as a reference during subsequent analysis although it is better if a small square of the backing paper is placed somewhere on the pad to reserve a reference area. Note that it is not correct to assume that sticky pads are all uniform; they can vary slightly from roll to roll.

  • Be careful not to crease the sticky pad, or apply any labels to the pad (even on the reverse side), as this will give rise to false readings.

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