Each kit consists of :

1.   Collector/bird Guard assembly
2.   Long PVC tube with grey or black PVC spigot at its top
3.   Short PVC tube
4.   Steel tube (name label shows which end is the top)
5.   Three legs and three cross-braces
6.   9 x 5mm nuts & bolts
7.   2 x bottles and 2 x foam traps
8.   1 x 2.5mm Allen Key

The long PVC tube is normally packed inside the steel tube to protect it from damage during transit, and the smaller items can be found in one of the sample bottles. For first-time customers, one gauge will normally be supplied partly constructed to illustrate the method of assembly.
After unpacking the kit, the legs and cross-braces should be attached to the steel tube to form a tripod base. The brackets at the bottom of the steel tube onto which the legs will fasten are offset - take care to attach the legs to the correct side of these brackets so that symmetry is restored. All nuts and bolts should then be tightened with a pair of spanners (8mm A/F), at least one of which will need to be open ended.
Next, the long and short PVC tubes should be joined and inserted into the steel tube, from the top. (The grey or black 100mm long spigot is the top of the plastic tube.) The collector/bird guard assembly is pushed into this grey PVC spigot at the top of the tripod. It should penetrate about 70mm, at which stage the aluminium boss of the bird guard will bottom on the spigot. The assembly should then be locked in position using the 2.5mm Allen key on the M5 grub screw.
The frisbee-shaped collector is also fixed to the bird guard by a similar screw - this can be loosened if you need to remove the collector from the bird guard. In order to remove the collector, it is first necessary to slacken the nylon filament of the bird guard. This filament is threaded through the holes in the stainless steel rods except at its final location. Here it is merely hooked over the rod. The free ends of the nylon filament have been left deliberately long so that the location of the hooked-over piece can be seen. The foam particle trap can be removed with or without this filament slackened.

Changing the sample bottles can be carried out in two ways, namely:

1. Loosen the grub screw holding the bird guard to the tripod, then remove the complete collector/bird guard assembly. Raise the inner PVC pipe sufficiently for the bottle to be removed.


2. Unscrew the cap of the bottle and slide it up the white PVC tube, then carefully tilt and withdraw the bottle from within the tripod.

Either method can be used with the 5 litre bottles, but only method 1 can be used with the larger 10 litre bottles.

It is a good idea to rinse the bottles, collector and foam pad with clean water before using for the first time. If algal growth is a problem during the summer months, it can be reduced by excluding sunlight from the bottle by using a black bin liner or black adhesive tape around the bottle.